Giving water coolers a run for their money.

Every Friday morning, before work, I bake cookies to take to the office. I’ve been doing it for years. It seems like a practical little thing that I can do to help foster a positive environment and good conversations. But, mostly I do it because it is completely fun.

I started the “Friday Cookies” blog to give readers an interesting, sunny snippet to start the day. The game for me is in trying to make the cookie selection relevant to the day at hand. It is surprisingly hard to do. You should try it.

Of interest to readers who live in Orangeburg, the blog also announces each Friday’s cookie choice so that they can know whether their trip to the office to get a cookie (or two or three) will be worth the walk.

I know that real encouragement is enormously valuable but also complex. I think it springs from personal, authentic connections. And while I rarely know what to say when my colleagues are down or when storms are brewing, fresh homemade cookies communicate something good no matter the weather. I love them.

Barb Chappell



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  1. I love the reason you make them. There is something so comforting in fresh cookies. I believe you got this from you Mom, Aunt Bobby. She was so welcoming in her home. I loved to go there. She was always cooking something wonderful. When I was a student at Edinboro, I spent many great times there. I was always impressed with your family for many reasons. I remember Uncle Louie sitting at the dining room table asking you kids a math question & all of you working as hard as you could to be the first with the right answer. But, the main thing I remember is Aunt Bobby’s food. She could really cook. You inherited her genes.


    • Thank you, Connie! That makes me feel wonderful. Mom did love cooking for the family. She also loved teaching (maybe as much as Dad did). She’d pretend she was Julia Child hosting a television show class. I remember her wiping a way batter-blops on the counter with as much happy flair as she did when she celebrated the terrific-looking things that came out of her oven. I miss Mom and Dad. Thank you for reading and for writing! I miss seeing you too, Connie.


  2. I didn’t know about the Julia Child’s hosting a television show. I remember both of your parents & their good sense of humor. I can see her doing that in my mind. I miss them too. It’s good to hear what you are doing, even if we can’t see each other.


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