Hospitality & Conversation

Seven rules, one hope… Be well.

1.) The burden of hospitality is the host’s.

2.) The burden of being nice is everyone’s.

3.) What time is the party?  I hope that you’ll come to my party as soon as you can get away from whatever keeps you away and that you’ll stay just as long as you possibly can. To help folks whose daily lives are improved by knowing when they’ll be eating, I’ll be glad to provide BGETs (Best-Guess Eating Times) upon request.

4.) You need not RSVP for my sake (the burden of hospitality is the host’s). If I initiate the party, be assured that I’ll do my best to make enough food to satisfy every invited guest and as many guests as I imagine my guests will invite.

5.) If hospitality is a gift of the Spirit, then conversation may be its voice. Speak joyously, when you can, carefully, as needed, and humbly, always.

6.) There may be no particular danger in silence, but since parties are rarely winsome without some talking, if you want to help the hostess, please start up a conversation.

7.) Finn Klimek’s favorites, same as mine, same as Cathy Cuppett’s, are molasses crinkles.  If Finn or Cathy has been invited, I’ll do my best to serve molasses crinkles.  If you have a favorite, let me know.

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