Friday Cookies

Cooking Lessons – Norah Gets First Cuts

Campus Workshop - Cooking Lessons for Busy Professionals

Norah Wofford cuts vegetables in Coker’s staff workshop: “Easy Meals for Busy Professionals”

I started baking early today, about 5:45 a.m.

I needed to make a double batch so that I could serve cookies for the morning’s workshops on campus and have another plate to take to the Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville board meeting over my lunch hour.

And while I was working to socialize with friends and colleagues via sugary morsels (which turned out beautifully, by the way), the Economist had posted a sweet article (post-dated for tomorrow) about social media, citizen journalists and the bread-and-butter implications for professional journalists.

But before I could read the piece, I needed to confirm that I didn’t mind the Economist’s new cookies policy.

I ate three of my own cookies before I’d consumed even a half-cup of joe and clicked through the annoying cookie-policy caution with far less attention than I’d given to the 600+ calories I’d ignorantly consumed.

Maybe I need to be more like Norah — stick to cutting healthy fresh vegetables instead of messing with socializing sweets.

What would an informed citizen do?

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